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Rice Science

Morpho-physiological Response of Oryza glaberrima to Gradual Soil Drying
Impact Factor: 2.37

"Doing research is hard, but publishing the research article is a way harder. A constructive comment during the manuscript preparation increase the value of the article and made publication process easier"
Dr. Kartika

Materials Letters

Enhancing the visible-light photoresponse of SnO and SnO2 through the heterostructure formation using one-step hydrothermal route
Impact Factor: 3.019

"Using an assistant for our publication helps us to manage our results and findings on time. It is necessary since the growing of knowledge is extremely massive"
Dr. Adri Huda


Relative leaf expansion rate and other leaf-related indicators for detection of drought stress in chili pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
Impact Factor: 0.32

"Having a relevant and specialist guidance for improving scientific writing has proven effectively for escalating published opportunity."
Dr. Laily Ilman Widuri


A New Prototype Design and Experimental Study for Assessing Spontaneous Coal Combustion

"As a person who works in Government, preparing the manuscript is definitely new for me, I just realize that knowledge is really easy to say, but really hard to write as scientific article. Easy Publication is an amazing platform which not only help us to publish our work but also improve our writing skills."
Dr. Ariyansah

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